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0323T7650recordingpublic16 May 12 23:2203 Dec 12 20:43
0323: Programmes sometimes completely fail to record from standby
On several occasions now, I found that the T7650 wakes up from LP standby to make a scheduled recording, but as soon as it starts recording it stops and goes back to sleep. See the attached log for details - points of interest:

20:41:41 - Box boots up from LP standby to record something at 21:00
21:00:02 - Recording starts, twice!
21:00:21 - Recording stops and box shuts down
21:05:42 - I manually switched the box on
21:10:10 - The box then decides to record the programme which it aborted
21:59:31 - Recording completes
22:02:28 - 2nd scheduled recording starts successfully
22:57:22 - and completes without problems

At the time the first recording failed, it was the only scheduled recording for that time and the box was in standby. My suspicion is that because the programme that I had set to record was on BBC1 HD, the box perhaps started recording the same programme on BBC1 HD and BBC1 (SD), but I will try and do some further checks to help confirm that.

This issue has been present since I first started testing with v1.16 and I have not experienced the same issue on the T7300 (recording problems there are triggered when the box is on, and not in standby).
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related to 0325resolved Futaura Recording failures - "An error has occurred with the current recording" 
log T7650_20120516.log (123,459) 16 May 12 23:22
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03 Dec 12 20:43   
It has been 2 months since I started using v1.47 and I've yet to see this problem once, so it looks like it is fixed (the problem had still occurred in v1.44 which I had been using previously).