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0324T7650generalpublic18 May 12 10:4705 Dec 12 11:29
0324: Box switches on after application crash on shutdown
I've noticed this problem randomly for a while, and that is often I noticed the box is switched on out of standby mode, showing the channel number as if I hadn't switched the box off, but I really did switch it off. It can also happen after the box should be switching off after a scheduled recording has been completed.

I finally caught up with this problem today after noticing this issue only minutes after I had switched the box off via the front panel. See the attached log. You can see that it was about to shutdown when a segfault occurred, causing the application software to restart and switch the box on. The end of the log shows a successful shutdown, again after I switched it off via the front panel.
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log T7650_20120518.log (8,880) 18 May 12 10:47
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Marking this has fixed as I have not seen this issue for a long time (never in the more recent software).