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0325T7650recordingpublic20 May 12 16:4603 Dec 12 20:39
0325: Recording failures - "An error has occurred with the current recording"
I'm still experiencing recording failures, both the timeshift buffer and regular recordings, while the unit is on and I'm watching live tv. For example, I have had it happen twice now with MotoGP - first time was running v1.16 and second time with v1.26. In both cases the recording is on BBC HD and I was also watching BBC HD live, and it probably is not a coincidence that the "An error has occurred with the current recording" message appeared approx 16min 20sec after the recording started in both cases. See the serial debug attached for specific timings - note the programme starts around 12:30 and lasts for 90 minutes, and there were no other timers scheduled during the running of that programme. Yet, a second mysterious timer starts at 12:46, although perhaps this is the box attempting to record this programme after the initial recording aborted with the error?
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related to 0323resolved Futaura Programmes sometimes completely fail to record from standby 
log motogp.log (693) 20 May 12 16:46
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It has been 2 months since I started using v1.47 and I've yet to see this problem once, so it looks like it is fixed (the problem had still occurred in v1.44 which I had been using previously).