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0389T7655 emeraldtimerspublic17 Nov 14 19:5508 Jul 16 13:01
0389: EPG scheduled start time overrides accurate recording start signal
The recording start trigger behaviour has changed compared to pre-emerald software. Before, recordings always start when the now/next info changed (i.e. accurate recording). Now it looks like the start signal is only obeyed if a programme starts before the scheduled start time. If a programme scheduled start is at 21:00, for example, and the now/next signals the actual start at 21:03, the software does not wait for the start signal and starts recording 3 minutes early at 21:00 instead. Maybe this change in behaviour is intentional?
See change - see videos AR1 and AR2 in the following folder: [^]

In both videos the amber2 T7655 is on the left and emerald on the right, and show what happens when the next  programme is signalled to start later than scheduled. Apologies for the video quality, but you should be able to see that emerald starts recording before the programme start signal is transmitted, unlike the amber software which waits for the start signal as you would expect.
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duplicate of 0391closed Futaura Accurate recording start signal ignored if programme starts late 
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