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0409T7655 emeraldplaybackpublic24 Feb 16 12:3811 May 16 10:27
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0409: Box locks/freezes for several seconds during playback
Sometimes, during playback from the library, the video will suddenly freeze for up to 30 seconds and the box fails to respond to the remote and front panel buttons. Any buttons pressed are queued and actioned all in one go when the box eventually unfreezes. When it first occurs it feels like the box has crashed, but if you wait long enough everything returns to normal.
I have not yet found a way to reproduce this issue - it appears to happen randomly. I never had it happen in v1.20.2, but it happens in both v1.21.3 and v1.22.0.
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30 Apr 16 21:34   
Since I went back to v1.20.2 yesterday, regarding another issue, I have now experienced the freeze problem with v1.20.2 also. It happened within a minute or two of the box being powered on out of low power standby, where I went immediately to the library to play a recording (F1 Russia Qualifying on C4HD). About 30 seconds in it froze for 20 seconds. Unfortunately, I later repeated what I had done, but could not reproduce the problem.

11 May 16 10:27   
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