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0410DN372Taudiopublic30 Apr 16 21:2730 Apr 16 21:27
0410: Audio Description's fade information is being ignored.
Manufacturer Software: 72.38.84 (and previous version).
The d-book describes the use of the broadcasters supply of the fade information for Audio Description passages as being a 'key requirement". This is being ignored. This results in the Audio description passages being either muffled and either difficult or impossible to understand when the Audio Description passage coincides with loud sound effects or dramatic music.
The fade should be applied to the standard sound track as described in d-book 7 (and possibly 8) and also illustrated by the d-book's 7's Figure 4.1 Illustration of control of audio level.

This defect applies to both recorded and live Audio Description. It also applies to both HDMI and SCART audio, (S/PIDF untested).

This results in the Audio Description being difficult to hear especially if the standard sound track is moderate or loud during the Audio Description passage and along with the fade Audio Description defect makes the Audio description on the DT372N unusable.

To reproduce use a progamme that has loud prolonged standard passages and is likely to have Audio Description passages at the same time as those passages e.g. an action film - NOT a soap. Also verify that the broadcaster has provided data for the fade descriptor (e.g. by using a model that works e.g. the HDR-FOX T2 running very old 1.2.20 software - has to be old as Humax broke it a few years ago). Not all programmes appear to carry the fade descriptor.
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