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0411DN372Taudiopublic30 Apr 16 21:3130 Apr 16 21:31
0411: Audio Description's default volume is half that of the standard sound and cannot be adjusted.
Manufacturer Software: 72.38.84
According to d-book 7 the default Audio Description volume should be very roughly of the same order of magnitude as the standard volume with the user able to adjust moderately up and down. Due to the volume being stuck at approximately half this makes the Audio Description on the DT372T unusable.

This defect applies to both recorded and live Audio Description. It also applies to both HDMI and SCART audio, (S/PIDF untested).

This results in the Audio Description being difficult to hear especially if the standard sound track is moderate or loud during the Audio Description passage and along with the Audio Description volume 'fade descriptor' defect makes the Audio description on the DT372T unusable.
To reproduce turn Audio Description on for a live or recorded programme that has Audio Description and (1) attempt to adjust the volume of the Audio Description (2) compare listening to a sample of the standard passages and the Audio description passages.
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30 Apr 16 21:31LuisEssexNew Issue

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