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0417T7655 emeraldaudiopublic02 Jun 16 17:5602 Jun 16 17:57
0417: Audio Description fade ignored on SD channels
With Audio Description enabled, the fade feature encoded in the stream works fine on HD channels, but is ignored completely on all SD channels. Possibly due to the two differing audio formats used. The audio soundtrack should dynamically fade (decrease in volume), depending on the fade information in the audio description data, before mixing, otherwise it is hard to hear the audio description alongside loud parts of the audio track.
The easiest way is to record any programme on a HD channel that has audio description, and also simultaneously the SD equivalent. You can then play each back to compare the volume level changes that happen on the HD recording, but not on SD. Action movies are usually a good test, but it is noticeable in just about anything.
My Sony TV fades the volume on both SD and HD channels.
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