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0418: Recording failures due to scheduling changes
If a programme that was picked up on a series timer when originally scheduled, it will fail to record if that programme is subsequently moved in the EPG (brought forward or postponed). This is not a new issue and affects the older Amber software also.

Basically once a timer is initially set, the software refuses to recognise that the start time/date has changed in the EPG, and insists on trying to record it at the original time, whereas it should be updating the timer according.

If the programme is brought forward by up to 15 minutes the accurate recording signalling picks up the change and it records, but if the programme is moved to a day earlier it will fail to record.
Please see the attached logs which cover the following real world example involving New Blood series timer on BBC1 HD:

30/6/16: Records New Blood episide 4 at 9pm successfully and timer automatically set for 7/7/16 9pm episode 5.
5/7/16: Some time between 30th June and 5th July, the BBC rescheduled episode 5 to 6/7/16.
6/7/16: Box wakes up to record triggered by another timer for a different series at 9pm, which it records, but fails to record New Blood.
7/7/16: Box wakes up to record New Blood at 9pm (now football) which never starts as it was on a day earlier - the box sits there waiting and will not switch off.
8/7/16: 12 hours later the box is still on waiting for New Blood to record. After the next scheduled timer records, the box finally switches off.
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