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Alba ALDTR160VestelT825
0419: Hard disc drive doesn't initialise
I hope this is the right forum for this.

There is a hardware fault which presented with the machine freezing, crashing and programmes disappearing from the library.

Now the machine boots up, but the hard disc doesn't initialise. It seems to be completely dead with the red wire on its hard drive at < 3.9V I believe this should be 5V.

The scart output doesn't provide a valid output in RGB mode and needs to be set to CVBX to give a proper picture.
I think this machine is T825 but its self-reported software version is 0.7.
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From the software number, it's likely to be the newer T845R variant of the ALDTR160. Hard to say what the problem is - I would guess the HDD is ok. Yes, there should be 5V on red and 12V on yellow. I would check the drive in another box or on a PC to diagnose.

The main likely culprit is the power supply circuit of the T845R, and specifically failing capacitors.