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0427T7655 emeraldgeneralpublic18 Nov 17 19:1519 Nov 17 20:06
Hitachi HDR5T011.02
0427: Unable to Update Software
There is no label on my HD recorder or in the box to say that it has T7655 software, but I am assuming it has since the current software version is displayed as v1.02 and the search for software updates uses "emerald".
I have tried to update this manually following instructions in the manual supplied, but it still shows v1.02. Is there an update available? If so, can you please tell me how to install it?
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18 Nov 17 19:44   
Do you have it connected via the internet? That would usually be the quickest way to update it - when you check for updates, it will check the internet first and then broadcast updates. However, I just checked and it seems the update site has been cleared. The last over air broadcast update was v1.22.1 last August.

If the internet update doesn't work, you could update your box to v1.21.3 via [^] - the software can be downloaded there, saved to a USB memory stick and inserted in your Hitachi to update it.

I'm curious - how long have you had your Hitachi box and does the recording function work with v1.02? Lots of people reported major problems with early software versions like that.
18 Nov 17 23:57   
Thank you so much for the quick response. I bought it in June 2015, and yes, I have had many problems with it. I have had to reinstall and hard-boot it a number of times. My latest "fix" was to disable the automatic update, which I realised was pointless as it wasn't connected to the internet. Since then it has, touch-wood, been recording successfully, but only from the channel it was left on when the TV was switched off. I daren't switch it to Standby, since then it doesn't record at all, and I have to Hard-boot it to get it to switch on again. But I now have so many recordings on it that I don't want to lose them. So I'm really hoping that the new software will sort out these issues. When I tried to manually update the software I did connect it to the internet via my router, and it did take at least 20mins to do the search. But when I checked it was still on UK-v1.02. I'll try the new update you recommend tomorrow. Thanks again.
19 Nov 17 11:07   
Sounds familiar... It is unfortunate that your box missed a couple of over air downloads (not internet) in 2015 and 2016 - certainly v1.21.3 will fix those issues. Take a note of any timers that you have set - the update will probably trigger a first time installation. If this doesn't erase your timers, I'd advise performing a manual first time installation again after updating, to delete the timers. Your recording library will remain untouched. Everything should work more normally after that - recording from standby won't be a problem.
19 Nov 17 17:24   
Now with the updated software, it works perfectly. I made a small donation.
Most grateful.
19 Nov 17 20:06   
Thank you! Glad it is working for you now. I have to say these boxes are ultra reliable when it comes to recording, in my experience. In contrast to my YouView box which often fails to record something, especially if I dare watch a recording whilst it is recording something else!