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0010PVR 62xxTrecordingpublic16 Jan 06 10:5204 Apr 06 21:18
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.3.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.3.9b 
Summary0010: Buffering needs to be put back.
DescriptionI can understand Sagem, may have though they were being helpful to remove buffering to allow two recordings next to each other. But they have be extremly unhelpful by removing buffering!

Sagem ask yourself what poportion of records are just one item with no following item (90% in my case - and I would guess 75% overall), and what poportion and two or more items following one (10% in my case - and 25% overall, I guess). So is it better than you have to edit a recording 75% (90% me) of the time (to add buffering) OR 25% (10% me) to remove buffering to allow two recordings one-after-another. To help you understand user friendlyness Sagem, the editing or recording schedules should be done as little as possible!

The solutions avaliable:-

1. HALF-HEARTED SOLUTION - put back buffering - should be VERY easy to do.
2. LET THE USER DECIDE - Have it as an option and let the user decide to have it turn't on or off AND let the user decide how long the buffering should be at the beginning and how long the buffering should be at the end. Not to difficult!
3. WORK-IT-OUT YOURSELF - When a user chooses a recording add the buffering, when the user choose another recording that will start in the buffering time - REDUCE the buffering for the first recording to accomodate the second recording AND add buffering to the second recording IF the user chooses a third recording that will be in the buffering, REDUCE the buffering or recording two, etc. Getting hardier!
4. ADD IT ON THE FLY - 5 minutes before a recording starts automatically start the recording, and at the end of the recording add a buffer of upto 15 minutes OR until another recording starts. Dangerous as it may be buggy and cause more problems than it fixes.

My preference would be 1 or 2, as 3 and 4 are likely to be too much work.
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duplicate of 0003acknowledged Address lack of padding / safety margin 

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Futaura (administrator)
16 Jan 06 11:08

Please check that you don't start duplicate reports, like this one, and instead add a note to the existing issue. Thanks.
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philipwalduck (reporter)
16 Feb 06 13:12
edited on: 16 Feb 06 13:12

a solution to this problem could be the use of VideoPlus codes to set start/finish time and allow for programmes that overrun/start late etc. I am aware however that not all channels broadcast the necessary codes.
Possibly the box could be reprogrammed to read the now/next info and start/stop recording when the programmes change. Anybody any ideas on this?

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Futaura (administrator)
04 Apr 06 21:18

See 0002 for further improvement ideas

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16 Jan 06 10:52 MC1 New Issue
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16 Jan 06 11:08 Futaura Note Added: 0001
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04 Apr 06 21:18 Futaura Status new => resolved
04 Apr 06 21:18 Futaura Fixed in Version => 0.3.9b
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04 Apr 06 21:18 Futaura Note Added: 0025

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