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0230T7300recordingpublic08 Jul 11 00:4413 Jan 12 15:31
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Product Version4.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0230: Recording 2 channels whilst watching live tv fails
DescriptionIf you happen to be watching live tv on the same channel as a first recording starts (successfully), if a subsequent second recording is then started afterwards, the second recording never happens - instead the "stop" icon appears in the top left of the screen. Also, the display goes blank/black a couple of times - I guess this is due to tuner switching. Perhaps is related to timeshifting, because at the time the second recording should start, both tuners are currently recording from the same channel, but using both tuners to do so (i.e. one for timeshifting and another for the scheduled recording).

It is also important to note that if you are watching live tv on the same channel as the second scheduled recording, the first recording starts without problem and so does the second recording.
Steps To Reproduce1. Press record on live tv to start an instant recording
2. Do not move away from this channel
3. Press the timers button
4. Manually add a timer for any other channel to start within the next 2 minutes
5. Exit the timers screen to return to live tv and wait for second timer to start.

What you should see when the second timer should start is that the display goes blank/black for around 1 second, then live tv returns with the stop icon displayed, and then live tv goes blank/black again for another second before live tv returns again. At this point the second timer has not started recording and been cancelled.

However, this may take a few attempts. Sometimes the timer does start successfully, and what you see when the second timer starts is that the display still goes blank/black initially, but when live tv returns the record icon can be seen instead of stop. In this case, live tv doesn't go blank/black a second time.

Another way to reproduce which usually shows the problem quicker:

1. Press record on live tv to start an instant recording
2. Do not move away from this channel
3. Press the EPG button
4. Choose to record a programme that has already started on another channel

You should quickly see a stop icon display (not record) and the programme fails to record. Interestingly, you can leave the EPG open and re-attempt to record the same programme and it will fail again. What you can't see with the EPG open, obviously, is the blanking of live tv due to tuner switching (but you can hear it because the audio stops).
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User avatar (0383)
Abdurrahman (developer)
12 Aug 11 13:54

the definition is so complicated, please can you redefine the problem?
-record a n instant record at a channel
-set an subsequent EPG record at the same channel
-while this you are watching the same channel
-at the end of the first recording is it goes to black screen?
-or anything else?
User avatar (0384)
Futaura (administrator)
12 Aug 11 14:17

Ok, sorry for the confusion. Simply put, the main problem is that if there are two scheduled recordings/timers (set via the EPG) covering the same time period, only one of them will record and the other won't start recording, IF you have the box on and are watching live tv (if the box wakes up from standby to make the recordings, it works fine).

For example, I'm watching BBC1, and there are scheduled timers both due to start recording at 9pm on BBC1 and Channel 4. At 9pm the recording starts on BBC1, but the Channel 4 recording does not start - at this point a stop icon is shown on screen (instead of record). I suspect it is related to the box always recording the currently viewed live tv channel for timeshifting purposes, because the problem does not exist if the box was in standby and equally there is no similar problem on the T835.
User avatar (0392)
Futaura (administrator)
14 Aug 11 11:12
edited on: 14 Aug 11 11:14

I've added a simple semi-reproducable step-by-step test case above. Unfortunately, the problem sometimes doesn't always show up, but I'd say at least 50% of the time it will, so it may take a few attempts to see it.

User avatar (0491)
Futaura (administrator)
13 Jan 12 15:31

This problem is still occurring, and just in case it is not obvious, it makes using the T7300 to watch live tv very difficult as recording behaviour becomes unreliable and unpredictable. If you happen to be watching live tv when 2 recordings are about to start, you can never be sure if the either or both will succeed. For reliable recording when recording more than one programme at a time, the box has to be in standby mode.

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