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0253T7300librarypublic06 Aug 11 18:4218 Nov 11 09:16
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Product Version4.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0253: Slow library loading and operations
DescriptionThe recordings library became very slow after updating to the new board / CFE / v4.5 software. Before then, when pressing the lib button, the library screen appeared instantly after a 2 second "please wait" message, deleting a recording was instant, and pressing info or the edit button was instant too. All in all, the library felt so much more responsive than on the T835.

Now with v4.7 (as with v4.5), pressing the lib button results in the same 2 second "please wait" message, followed by a blank library screen and a futher 6 second delay before the library contents are shown. Changing the sort order or pressing info brings on a 4 second delay each time it is pressed. Pressing green then red for edit/discard results in a 6 second delay before the library screen is show again. Also, deleting a recording results in a 6 second delay. This is with the 320Gb HDD approximately 40% full (71 separate recordings in the library).
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Futaura (administrator)
12 Aug 11 14:30

Having reformatted the HDD after 0256 happened, it is fairly obvious that the library speeds quoted above are directly related to how full the HDD is and/or how many entries there are in the library. Because I have only 4 entries in my library at present, and it is much faster. No doubt it will gradually become slower as I fill it up (which happens with the T835 too).
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Futaura (administrator)
23 Oct 11 19:34
edited on: 23 Oct 11 19:34

13 Oct 11 - I'm still seeing the library becoming progressively slower as it fills up. Currently at around 40% full (500Gb HDD) with 128 separate entries, when I press the LIB button it takes 12 seconds for the library to appear. Then when in the library, if, for example, each time I press the i button it takes 6 seconds for the display to update. Deleting a recording also takes at least 12 seconds each time. This is even more annoying having experienced the superior speed of the first T7300 board that you sent me. I'm continuing to fill up my HDD and not delete anything to see if it gets even slower.

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Futaura (administrator)
23 Oct 11 19:39

This has now increased to 16 seconds for the library to appear, and 9 seconds delay each time info is pressed in the library. This is now with 186 separate entries in the library. HDD around 55% full.
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Futaura (administrator)
18 Nov 11 09:16

HDD is now approx 95% full, and it now takes 30 seconds for the library to appear, and 16 seconds each time info is pressed in the library. 330 separate entries in the library.

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