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0261T7300timeshiftpublic17 Aug 11 09:4818 Oct 11 17:05
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.5 
Summary0261: Timeshift recordings cleanup filesystem corruption?
DescriptionI've noticed that the automatic timeshift buffer recordings are automatically cleaned up (deleted) when switching the box off or on (not sure which though). However, occassionally this seems to fail, and some of the files are not deleted and more importantly some seem to be, but leave corrupted entries on the filesystem. See the attachment for a directory listing of /mnt/sda2. Note the "Input/output error" lines at the top and old timeshift recordings still present from yesterday (for reference I switched the box off last night around 23:20 UTC - 00:20 local time). Now when I turn the box off/on, the timeshift recordings never seem to be deleted - I will monitor this to see if they are deleted overnight or if the timeshift buffers continue to build up. Forcing a e2fsck by pulling the plug while the box is on does remove these errors, but obviously they shouldn't be there in the first place.

I'm wondering if this is related to 0256 and if, over time, the partition filled up with timeshift buffers and/or caused extended filesystem corruption. Similar "Input/output error" messages were present directly after my recordings library was wiped.
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Attached Filestxt file icon sda2_ls.txt (14,568 bytes) 17 Aug 11 09:48
log file icon T7300_20110818.log (18,333 bytes) 18 Aug 11 17:55
txt file icon timeshift_errors.txt (6,907 bytes) 19 Aug 11 17:28
txt file icon output-31Aug2011.txt (15,143 bytes) 31 Aug 11 19:10

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User avatar (0398)
Futaura (administrator)
18 Aug 11 17:57

Due to a lockup whilst in standby, I had to pull the plug today, which triggered a HddCheck when I plugged it back in - I've attached the serial log which shows e2fsck cleaning up these problem files. Unfortunately, it seems it has caused some regular recordings files to be erased also.
User avatar (0399)
Futaura (administrator)
19 Aug 11 17:31

I only just noticed this in my serial log as it happened in the middle of me applying the v4.9 updates, but there were a few lines like "rm: cannot stat '/mnt/sda2//T2011071816145901': Input/output error", and on searching back through old logs I did find a lot of those errors. See some of them in the timeshift_errors.txt attachment - this is not an exhaustive list as I do not have serial logging on 24/7 and I know there are some entries that I missed logging particularly this month.
User avatar (0409)
Futaura (administrator)
31 Aug 11 19:19

I'm still getting these problems with v4.9, and after 0256 happened on Tuesday, I took that opportunity to ensure all files were deleted on /mnt/sda2 and manually ran a e2fsck on that partition to make sure it was ok. Under 24 hours later, I find that there are filesystem problems regarding the timeshift files from last night. See output-31Aug2011.txt attachment for details.
User avatar (0430)
Futaura (administrator)
02 Oct 11 00:20

I've been checking this daily and so far no such problems with v5.5 and CFE v2.33.
User avatar (0440)
Abdurrahman (developer)
18 Oct 11 17:05

we already closed the bug.

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17 Aug 11 09:48 Futaura New Issue
17 Aug 11 09:48 Futaura File Added: sda2_ls.txt
18 Aug 11 17:55 Futaura File Added: T7300_20110818.log
18 Aug 11 17:57 Futaura Note Added: 0398
19 Aug 11 17:28 Futaura File Added: timeshift_errors.txt
19 Aug 11 17:31 Futaura Note Added: 0399
31 Aug 11 19:10 Futaura File Added: output-31Aug2011.txt
31 Aug 11 19:19 Futaura Note Added: 0409
02 Oct 11 00:20 Futaura Note Added: 0430
02 Oct 11 00:20 Futaura Status new => resolved
02 Oct 11 00:20 Futaura Fixed in Version => 5.5
02 Oct 11 00:20 Futaura Resolution open => fixed
02 Oct 11 00:20 Futaura Assigned To => Futaura
18 Oct 11 17:05 Abdurrahman Note Added: 0440
18 Oct 11 17:05 Abdurrahman Status resolved => closed

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