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0305T835user interfacepublic05 Feb 12 16:3817 Aug 12 14:25
ReporterRichard Page 
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformHDR165 500HDR10OSOS Version4.6
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.2 
Summary0305: Screen freeze on use of 'wide' and 'subt' buttons
DescriptionHDR165 - both button screen freeze on initial use varies 10-40 seconds immediate subsequent use little or no freeze. Wait 10 minutes and the initial freeze returns sometimes longer.

500HDR10 - similar except 'wide' does nothing just freezes screen.
Steps To ReproduceAnybody can just hit the buttons.
Additional InformationBoth devices now randomly fail to record and re-record programs already recorded
and deleted but this seems to have already been reported.
Disastrous upgrade!
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User avatar (0511)
Futaura (administrator)
01 Mar 12 19:47

Are both boxes running v4.6 with exactly the same configuration settings? These boxes are 100% identical in terms of hardware and software, with the exception of the external appearance obviously.

How long does the screen freeze take after powering on from low power standby? I ask as I have not been able to reproduce any problems that you mention with the wide and subtitles buttons.
User avatar (0512)
Richard Page (reporter)
02 Mar 12 11:54

Yes, both boxes are on v4.6 one(165) is attached to an old analogue TV so the set is 4:3 against 16:9 - interesting that on the HDR10 changing between 4:3 and 16:9
also results in a short 5 second freeze.
Not sure what you mean by 'How long does the screen freeze take after powering on from low power standby?' do you mean 'how many seconds does the freeze last'
or 'how soon after powering up does the 'freezing' appear?
Will access after your clarification.
Just to amplify on the 165 attached to the analogue TV I was used to fiddling with the width all evening - very annoying for others - and the freeze always occurs on the first change - with characteristics as reported.
I have tried both with the transmitter selected and not selected no difference.
For info I am in Scotland on the Central Region transmitter
User avatar (0513)
Futaura (administrator)
02 Mar 12 12:08

Both now that you mention it :). Actually, I was mainly meaning how soon after powering up does the freezing appear? I have now set my v4.6 box to 4:3 mode, like yours, and I'm still not noticing any issues with the wide or subtitles button. So, I'm just wondering if the issue can be reproduced straight out of standby, or whether it is somewhat random and/or only happens after several hours of the box being powered on. If I can reproduce it here, then I can then try my best to make sure Vestel fix it in the next update.
User avatar (0514)
Richard Page (reporter)
02 Mar 12 13:23

Right, it was a good question, on start up no freeze.
1 minute 1 second freeze
5 minutes 15 second freeze
15 minutes 30 second freeze
30 minutes 55 second freeze - approx bit of a screw up with the watch
After each action the period of the freeze starts extending again on the same progression have not checked for the longest freeze period certainly over a minute.
User avatar (0518)
Richard Page (reporter)
14 Mar 12 15:03

Looking at the issues raised with 4.6 it appears that the common thread is the long delay (freezing) on almost any function.Going back to my old days lecturing on systems analysis is it too simple to suggest a common cause with a cascade of multiple outcomes - maybe just one line of code?
Pity this is not Open Source - then we could all have a look!
User avatar (0519)
Futaura (administrator)
14 Mar 12 19:04

It had crossed my mind, but I think it'll be more than one line :-). From what I've seen, there were major changes and breakages in v4.2 (v4.1 is on par with v3.4), some of the more obvious bugs which were fixed by v4.6. This is by no means fact, but I'm guessing Cabot (UK) were maybe involved with the changes for v4.2 (TRD, trailer booking, recommendations, etc), and the merge with Vestel Turkey's changes did not go so well.

The only thing I'm pretty sure of is that a large part of the problem is being caused by the booking/timer system updating itself way to frequently (during this time, the box usually fails to respond for upto 40 seconds, accompanied by a disk thrashing sound). This could of course be triggered by a bug in some other component though.

BTW, I still have not been able to reproduce the "screen freeze" using the wide and subtitle buttons. Or perhaps I'm looking for the wrong thing - does the video and audio freeze?
User avatar (0520)
Richard Page (reporter)
14 Mar 12 19:34

Well, I am an optimist (one line :)) but it sound like a common cause, 40 seconds on the booking/timer and similarly the play function responds quickly first time after start up but over time goes to a 40 second delay.
Surprised you cannot duplicate the wide and subtitle issue, both video and audio freeze.
BTW just went through my daily deletion of recordings from the timer, -bug between 'record' and 'series record'?

Just for interest what is the software written in?

User avatar (0521)
Futaura (administrator)
14 Mar 12 19:45

I really don't understand why the timer system appears to have been changed, because it worked pretty well upto v4.1, and I would have liked the remaining timer bugs to be fixed and not add new ones instead, obviously. And all the problems happen immediately after switching on from low power standby too - not often, but I have had the "Service is not running" banner appear when switching on, and I'm sure that could happen when it wakes up to record something too (and fail to record as a result).

I don't know what the software is written in, but as the system is Linux based my guess would be C/C++.
User avatar (0537)
Futaura (administrator)
17 Aug 12 14:25

These issues should be gone in the v5.2 software OAD which is currently being broadcast (until 9am on Monday 20th August), which will bring your box back to the v3.4 level of performance and reliability.

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