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0309T835generalpublic03 Mar 12 15:0517 Aug 12 14:25
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformHitachi HDR225 OSOS Versionv4.6
Product Version4.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.2 
Summary0309: various problems since 25/1/12 4.6 update
Descriptionunit takes 55+ seconds to start up in low power=no, tried first time install with no change.
After a few days it loses all channels, it still accesses hdd and plays back recordings but the live tv is missing. The only way out of this is to remove power from the box and wait for it to reload.
the unit can take up to 5 minutes to respond to button pushes on the remote, it also skips sound and picture intermittently on recordings.

All these problems have appeared since the 4.6 update, I have wondered if I should try reverting to 3.4 or if it would be better to wait for an OTA fix
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Futaura (administrator)
03 Mar 12 15:23

When you say "it loses all channels", do you mean the channel list is still there, but you get a "Service is not running" banner when trying to view any channel?

And, when it takes 55+ seconds to startup, what is displayed on the front panel during this time? (i.e. do you get the red/green flashing light and "Load" on the front panel, as you would do if you had low power on)

A fix is currently being worked on, although I've yet to experience this slow startup, so it is hard for me to test if this has been fixed. Whether you downgrade or not is up to you - it would avoid these problems, but it's also more of a hassle to downgrade than to wait for the OTA update.
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oldgeorge (reporter)
04 Mar 12 11:47

Sorry for my lack of accuracy. Yes the channel list is still there and I get a message "Service is not running", also if I press PIP I have had three different events, 1, second screen also blank. 2, second screen has picture and will swap with blank screen. 3, second screen has picture and when swapped wakes up first screen. I have not been able to determine the reason for the different results.

Regarding the slow startup, I press the red button on remote and the red led on the front panel turns green immediately, the time is still being displayed and the tv shows "no signal" then there is no change to anything for around 1 minute and then the display changes to the channel number and the channel is displayed on the tv.

I have also noticed that some timers are not deleted after the programme has been recorded these have not been from series recordings as mentioned by by another person but have been single recording using the record button in EPG, but this is not with all single recordings. I particuly have problems with Doctors (BBC1) Emmerdale (ITV1) the program name remains in the timer list but with no date or time, if I do not delete tham I get several showing in the list.

Another thing since the update is, if I watch a recorded program whilst recording another and then press the stop on playback the playback freezes sound and vision and will remain like this for several minutes before reloading the library.
The general operation has become very slow since the update even stopping playback takes about 5 seconds to respond.

My configuration prior to update was
-Fav off
-Chan list show all
-Scan enc no
-Auto power down no
-Version update auto
-Parental control no
-Low power no

I do not know what my s/w version was prior to 4.6
User avatar (0517)
Futaura (administrator)
04 Mar 12 14:16

Thanks for the clarification. Just wanted to check if the box was entering low standby even though that setting is off, which I now know isn't the case. I've seen most of the problems that you describe, and Vestel have been made aware of all these symptoms. My advice for now would be to switch low power mode on because it will generally minimize the impact of these issues - since they tend to get worse the longer the box is left power on (includes standby with low power off). That said, I sometimes get the "Service is not running" problem immediately after switching on from low power standby, and I'm sure this is why recordings sometimes fail too.
User avatar (0538)
Futaura (administrator)
17 Aug 12 14:25

These issues should be gone in the v5.2 software OAD which is currently being broadcast (until 9am on Monday 20th August), which will bring your box back to the v3.4 level of performance and reliability.

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