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0343T7650audiopublic27 Nov 12 19:4204 Jan 13 09:34
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformT7650 (Bush 320GB)OSOS Version
Product Version1.49 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.54 
Summary0343: HD playback without sound if live TV tuned to SD channel
DescriptionAs the description suggests, if an SD recording is taking place, playing back a recording in HD seems to be mute. Once the programme has finished recording,k a reboot sorts it out. I think what's happening is that the sound is being output through the SCART, but I cannot test this because of issues with the handshake.
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User avatar (0554)
Futaura (administrator)
28 Nov 12 12:57

Yes, I have seen this problem too, although are you sure it only happens if a SD programme is being recorded? It happens quite rarely here, so it has been hard to come up with a good test case.

Here a reboot is not necessary - the sound will normally come back on the HD recording if you switch to a live HD channel first and/or press the mute button on the remote a couple of times.
User avatar (0555)
jwallace (reporter)
28 Nov 12 13:09

In my experience it's only occurred when I've started the machine up mid SD recording, as in the manner described, but not necessarily on all HD recordings. I'll try the other methods if I can and report back.
User avatar (0556)
Futaura (administrator)
28 Nov 12 14:24
edited on: 28 Nov 12 14:52

Any particular channels/programmes? From memory it happens most with BBC HD for me., And as it turns out your message was well timed as my box has just woken up to record something on a SD channel - I let it start recording, switched on, played a C4 HD recording and it had sound, and then tried a BBC HD one and it had no sound. So, changed live TV from BBC1 to BBC1 HD, played the recording again and the sound was back.

I'm wondering if it is related to whether the recording starts with stereo or 5.1 sound. The C4 HD recording I mention was Homeland, which I know at the very start is 2 channel, before the programme actually starts, then switching to 5.1. The BBC HD recording being Dragons Den - I don't have a copy of this on my T7300, so can't check if it is 5.1 or not (I would guess not, but maybe the BBC HD intro graphics are). I have made a short recording of the BBC HD Preview to test as I know that is 5.1 throughout and indeed the problem shows again with that recording if I switch live tv back to a SD channel.

The test case I have come up with does not involve recording:

1. Tune to any SD channel
2. Switch the box off to LP standby
3. Switch the box on
4. Go to library and play the BBC HD Preview recording
5. No sound
6. Stop playback and change live TV to any HD channel
7. Press play to resume playback and sound is back

Interestingly, if you then stop, switch back to any SD channel and resume playback, the sound is gone again.

Usually my box is tuned to one of the HD channels which would explain why this happened rarely and appeared random.

User avatar (0557)
Futaura (administrator)
28 Nov 12 15:11

Further testing reveals that this issue is looking to be specific to BBC HD recordings. Have just made a recording from BBC1 HD which was 5.1 throughout (the local news is not available in HD countdown video) and this played back fine, whilst the BBC HD Preview recording still had no sound. I don't have any non-5.1 BBC HD recordings stored on my T7300 so haven't yet checked whether it happens with both 2 and 5.1 channel recordings from BBC HD. BTW, this bug has been present since day one I believe - happens the same way on my T7300 too.
User avatar (0558)
Futaura (administrator)
28 Nov 12 16:15

Ok, so the problem still occurs with a 2 channel recording from BBC HD too and not just 5.1. So, definitely looks like a specific problem with recordings from BBC HD only. Post here if you feel this is not the case.
User avatar (0559)
jwallace (reporter)
28 Nov 12 19:48

The first time I had it was with an ITV1HD recording (Exposure). I reproduced everything above, but since I tend to watch the UKTV channels, I tune mine to SD more than HD, so I get it more often.

Dragon's Den triggered it for me too, as did Dara O'Briain's Science Club, both BBC HD - the Grand Prix didn't though (?)

The whole thing looks like an initialisation issue - I'll dig out my scart/component leads and see whether sound is output through that.
User avatar (0560)
Futaura (administrator)
29 Nov 12 10:41

I think you'll find there will be no sound on the SCART either - there certainly is none via the optical connection. I need to adjust my test case as the "any SD channel" part is not entirely correct - so far I have only been able to reproduce it using BBC1 and certainly not with any of the other first 10 SD channels.
User avatar (0561)
jwallace (reporter)
29 Nov 12 10:53

I've used VIVA and Yesterday as well as the BBC - wondering if there's some setting in common?

Presumably SD sound is a different path, because it's stored differently - and the SD path is selected for the HD sound, hence nothing? Just guessing based on where the bug is likely to be.
User avatar (0562)
AndrewBrown (reporter)
29 Nov 12 13:29

I too know of this unwanted behaviour on two boxes operating on two different Tx networks - Sudbury and Plymouth. For me, the usual suspect is the BBC HD Channel: Recordings made on BBC HD almost always playback with muted sound. To fix this, I flip to the BBC HD Channel's live broadcast, and that returns the sound. Sometimes, this happens on ITV1 HD and, I fix the sound in the same way. Put simply, the box needs reminding what HD sound is meant to be.

Recordings are obviously made *with* sound, so I suggest there is something wrong downstream of the playback logic?

User avatar (0582)
Futaura (administrator)
12 Dec 12 22:56

Ok, so I had the problem with a ITV1 HD recording tonight - had no sound when live tv tuned to BBC2. This began to look like a pattern (ch 102 recordings have no sound when played from ch 1; ch 103 recordings have no sound when played from ch 2), and I therefore suspected my C4 HD Homeland recording would then have no sound if I played it when tuned to ITV1, but this wasn't the case - sound was there on the C4 HD recording on channels 1-6.
User avatar (0587)
Futaura (administrator)
02 Jan 13 20:51

BBC HD recordings have no sound if played whilst tuned to Sky News, as well as BBC1.
User avatar (0588)
Futaura (administrator)
04 Jan 13 09:34

Confirmed as fixed in v1.54.

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