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0373T7650timerspublic12 May 13 19:5408 Nov 14 19:26
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformT7650 500GbOSOS Version
Product Version1.49 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0373: Setting non-event based timers can effect the running of event based timers
DescriptionIf a repeating timer (non event based) is set, the system will keep active after that timer first runs, and can prevent event based timers after it from running. This in turn leads to the box staying on despite low power as it waits to start a timer which has now passed.
Steps To ReproduceSet a repeating timer alongside event timers and see what happens.
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related to 0387closedFutaura T7655 emerald Cannot record series record nor can it record weekly timers 

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User avatar (0595)
Futaura (administrator)
17 May 13 17:25

I need more information on this as I cannot reproduce any problems. I've tried with a daily timer set up to record independently with no event timers active at the same time, a daily timer set up up to overlap an event timer in the 4 possible ways (i.e. daily timer starting before / starting during / ending during / ending after). In all cases, the box behaved as expected. Is it possible you had two event timers scheduled which clashed with the repeating timer - i.e. conflicting?
User avatar (0596)
jwallace (reporter)
17 May 13 19:25

Tried it with weekly, and it looks like it is a conflict issue, but I'm surprised that conflicted timers stay active in the list. Feel free to close this.
User avatar (0597)
Futaura (administrator)
17 May 13 22:16

No need to close - even if it is/was a conflict issue, the box shouldn't stay on waiting forever and not recording anything. However, sod's law has prevailed. I posted my previous message after a test where I made a 5 minute daily timer - there were no other recordings scheduled, and it recorded and went to standby mode as normal, just as it did when I tested this morning. However, I didn't realise until later tonight when both programmes scheduled at 9pm did not record. I was watching live at the time and both were still in the timer list - had to hit record myself to record them. I deleted all repeating timers, and waited until 10pm when the next recording also failed. I also noted that the timer list was topped with a recording that failed to start at 6.30pm. Fortunately, I have serial logging hooked up and can see that the box did wake up from low power standby at 6.12pm and did stay on continuously until I switched the box on just before 9pm (wrongly assuming it had already awoken at 8:42pm to make the scheduled recording at 9pm).

So, you are right - just need to figure out the simplest way to reproduce it so that Vestel can fix it.
User avatar (0598)
jwallace (reporter)
21 May 13 14:18
edited on: 21 May 13 14:21

Had it happen to me yesterday due to Channel 5 not showing cricket highlights, but still can't think of a reliable method to do this.

User avatar (0599)
Futaura (administrator)
21 May 13 17:36

Is this in relation to the repeating timers, or completely separate? I imagine similar symptoms could occur if an event type timer is never triggered, due to the broadcaster removing that programme from the schedule. If this issue is not caused by a repeating timer, let me know.

Otherwise, I have filed a detailed report with Vestel regarding the repeating timer bug. My advice is to steer well clear of repeating timers - do not set any until a software update comes that fixes the bug. Repeating timers seem to kill all previously scheduled event timers, even after deleting the repeating timer(s), which means having to delete all timers and set them up again via the EPG to return to normality.
User avatar (0600)
jwallace (reporter)
21 May 13 20:15

This is in relation to event timers that cancel - namely Motor Morphers being moved to an early time due to lack of cricket.
User avatar (0601)
Futaura (administrator)
04 Jun 13 12:25

Yes, I have noticed that things do not go so well when a broadcast moves a programme to an earlier time compared to when the box first booked the recording. Once that booking has been made it seems the software is relucant to reschedule it. One thought I've had is to set up a series link, pull the plug whilst it is in LPM and then plug it back in after the programme has aired - might be a way to similuate this issue.

BTW, the original issue regarding the repeating time type timer issue has apparently been fixed, although I don't have the software update yet to confirm.

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