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0379T835generalpublic17 Jan 14 11:3917 Jan 14 17:48
Assigned ToFutaura 
PriorityimmediateSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformHITACHI HDR505 OST835 OS VersionNot Sure
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0379: Non recording of programs on series link + Not reloading when pressing standby button & having to switch off at mains to reboot

Since receiving my Hitachi we have experienced complications with it. Please kindly see below , & hopefully with your assistance I won't have to return it?

1. Non recording of programs on series link.
2. Not reloading when pressing standby button, resulting in having to switch off at mains to to reboot.

Reading the many Tags, could it be we have missed some OAD updates. We just got about 4 weeks ago for christmas & judging by the info on here, the model is pretty old, - around 2010 (i think) . . . Just plucking at straws here & would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thank You _ Jamie
Steps To ReproduceNot sure what this means . . .sorry :(
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Futaura (administrator)
17 Jan 14 11:49

Which software version is the box running? This can be found in the setup/configuration menu screen.
User avatar (0611)
Jamie (reporter)
17 Jan 14 13:41

Hi & many thanks for the super swift response.

I'm at work at the minute so can't check . . .But I do remember that when we got it the box did have an Argos label dating back to 2010. (i hope that helps)?

I've been reading your threads off at work for the last few days...cutting & pasting bits of things I can try this weekend that might help, such as the following: ....Do you reckon the following bits I've gathered will help or will I be wasting my time ? . . .

 1). . ."Do a full first time installation without the aerial in, to wipe the memory, then again with the aerial in to load the channels . . .
 2). . . "Do a first time installation and keeping low power mode enabled. . . Also, it is always a good idea to delete all unwanted channels from the channel list as it will generally improve reliability and responsiveness".

Think it's worth a try ?
....along with anything else you think might also help I'd be more than happy to try.
I mean just browsing your threads, is amazing how much you know to be hopefully we won't have to pay to send it back ?

Many Thx _ Jamie
User avatar (0612)
Futaura (administrator)
17 Jan 14 14:41

1 shouldn't be necessary, but worth a try I guess. I would certainly recommend 2 though. It's hard to say what could be the problem without knowing where you purchased it from and in what state it was advertised (new/used/refurbished/faulty?). If the box has never been updated, then the 2010 label would indicate it is running v3.5 possibly. However, if it is an Argos return, it may have updated to v4.6 or v4.8 when the original owner had it, which could explain the symptoms that you describe and why it was returned. The latest is v5.2 which is OK, as is v3.4 or v3.5. v4.6 and v4.8 are not fit for purpose, and sellers should not be selling these boxes with this software version installed, unless it was sold as faulty and/or specifically mentioning the issues in the item description. Any reputable seller refurbishing these boxes would update the software to v5.2 first, but probably there are not many of those about unfortunately.
User avatar (0613)
Jamie (reporter)
17 Jan 14 15:17

Hi there,
You are spot on my missus bought it off eBay as a return/refurbished item . . .it seemed a good deal & was
If the item is one the bad versions you mention is there any way I can update the software to v5.2 ? we don't have to shell out on returning it. (which i've just checked is not refundable :(

Thx again for your help _J
User avatar (0614)
Futaura (administrator)
17 Jan 14 17:48

It can be updated via using a special SCART to RS232 adaptor and suitable PC, but let's see what version that you have first.

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