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0413T7655 emeraldlibrarypublic01 May 16 19:4306 Nov 16 15:23
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PlatformT7655OSVestelOS VersionT816
Product Version1.15 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0413: Series/folder sort mode shortcomings
Description1. Any items with the same series CRID should be placed in the same folder regardless of the episode title. Currently it appears to be matching on the title only (or maybe in addition to the CRID). This is because the title can change between episodes from the same series - Formula 1 being an extreme example where every programme has a different title, and these are not currently placed in a folder despite having an identical series CRID.

2. On entering the library, if series sort mode is on and a folder is initially selected, the wrong help bar is shown at the bottom of the screen. It updates when using the up/down button to select another folder.

3. The help bar in the library does not update correctly between regular and the folder version when using the P+/P- buttons to scroll through the library a page at a time.

4. Where there is only one episode recorded and it has a series CRID, it should be placed in a folder - currently it is not. Probably if there is no series CRID then it shouldn't, as it is now - for example, for movies.

5. The unwatched icon should be in placed next to the folder icon if there are unwatched episodes in that folder, otherwise it makes navigation difficult (needing to browse a folder to find out if there is a new episode).

6. After watching an episode from a folder, the library returns to the root folder list, where really it needs to return to the same folder, otherwise watching multiple episodes in a row from the same series/folder is difficult.

7. Ideally, the folder view mode should be separated from the regular sort options, because if you select series sort mode you are forced to have the items listed newest folders first, followed by newest individual programmes (that are not in folders), where it would be useful to sort all items by name, for example.

8. If 2 recordings are ongoing (2 timed recordings or 1 plus the time shift buffer), navigation between items inside a folder becomes very slow. There is a 5 second delay (heavy HDD access can be heard during the delay) each time a button on the remote is pressed, which makes it unusable especially if there are lots of items in a folder. A possible factor is that my library is approx 80% full (500Gb HDD).
Additional InformationThese issues were originally reported in October 2014
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LuisEssex (reporter)
06 Nov 16 15:23

For shortcoming number 6 when it returns to the root folder list it sometimes is positioned on the top folder (the one that has the latest recording) and sometimes is positioned at the folder where a programme was just playing.
Which of those options the focus goes to is dependent on the position within its folder of the recording that was just playing. If the played recording was not the latest recording within the folder then it, (a Bush v1.22.1), returns to the root folder list positioned at the top, otherwise if it is the latest recording within the folder it positions its return at the relevant folder. In the absence of going back to within the relevant folder a compromise improvement would be the latter, i.e. to still go back to the root folder but always positioned at the relevant folder.

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01 May 16 19:43 Futaura New Issue
06 Nov 16 15:23 LuisEssex Note Added: 0708

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