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0415T825epgpublic14 May 16 01:1322 May 16 23:08
Assigned ToFutaura 
PlatformHitachi HDR163OSVestelOS VersionT825
Product Version13.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0415: No audio during EPG viewing or recodings library browsing
DescriptionNo audio during EPG viewing or browsing recordings library.
Steps To ReproduceDuring live TV viewing select EPG using Guide button - sound vanishes.
Additional InformationThis feature like the viewing of programme details using the Info button, was present in a Digihome PVR160/80 and seems a loss of functionality rather than progress.

Can I regain features by using a previous software file?
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Futaura (administrator)
14 May 16 08:53

I think it has always been this way on the T825 (and definitely on the T835 also). You may be able to get the sound by pressing the mute button twice on the EPG or library, but you will probably then hear why the audio was muted in the first place - it breaks up a lot on the T835.

I'm guessing the ageing processor used in those boxes struggles. On the newer HD models, audio remains on the EPG and library.
User avatar (0699)
misterg (reporter)
14 May 16 13:21

Thanks for the quick responses. I was a happy user of the T810 Digihome PVR160 but unhappy with the stuttering of live TV during some recordings. Slow EPG updates were annoying. However my wife wanted to keep the same user interface which we both thought was really good. We have a recent LG Smart TV but the user interface is so rubbish especially for the EPG and recording (using external memory) that we only use the TV as a display for the Freeview box.

The Hitachi HDR163 was the nearest we could find to replace the older T810 but not lose the user interface. Perhaps there is an ideal upgrade from Vestel????? somewhere.
User avatar (0700)
Futaura (administrator)
14 May 16 14:32

All the newer models retain a very similar user interface - it had a minor facelift for the HD models, but fundamentally it is the same as the T810 in most respects. So, there is only really one choice when it comes to Vestel, and that is the current gen T7655 Emerald boxes. That means the Bush and Hitachi models which are essentially the same, but I would recommend the Hitachi over the Bush purely because the Bush is behind on software updates (Hitachi have a newer version than Bush, and probably that will hold true in the future).

The Hitachi HDR5T01 is currently reduced at Argos, and I'd tend to recommend that over the HDR10T01 1Tb model for performance reasons. You can also pick these up for less on eBay, but be sure to check with the seller which software version the box has as the original HDR5T01 model had the old Amber software (v2.xx) which I would advise steering well clear of! The newer Emerald software is currently at v1.21.3 (free update over internet available).
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misterg (reporter)
22 May 16 22:42

TheHDR163 is now rebooting itself at random times when the ony thing happening is it displaying live TV. It happens about once per day or two. It restarts and displays channel 1.
Once recently it displayed a message about No Digital Signal. Tried re-tuning. Message says same (TV on pass through it still showing normal stations though). Disconnected from mains. Next day got the First Time installation but at least everything was back to normal after the necessary re-tune.

Annoyingly using the HDMI output I cannot get it to produce a 16:9 picture afert it has been off overnight but using the Config menu it can be set to work again. It doesn't matter what HDMI quality is set or whether 16;9 or Auto is set. I now use the SCART instead and it always display the correct ratio.

Is it possible to rewrite the software for the user interface? Has someone details of how to do it or at least a starter to investigate it?

I'm looking at getting my hands on an HDR5T01 to try... I hope it uses the same Remote handset as the handset is fairly good compared with others which have different layouts.

It's a pity the cursor Left/Right doesn't do the Fast Forward like it used to as these keys are easier to use than the Fast forward keys. Using the cursor keys seems to give +2 minutes skip but using them more than a few times ends up freezing the machine! Ah well. It's a learning process!

Wife complains that the OK for choosing a programme from the EPG needs a second press (Options for Record, Record Series, Select appear in vairous combinations depending on programme). The choice of record could have be left on the record button and the OK left as it was. Adding to the number of presses for operations is not an ergonomic success.

I guess you receive a lot of traffic about these boxes however the work in the background has obviously been helpful and is appreciated.
User avatar (0702)
Futaura (administrator)
22 May 16 23:08

The Vestel T825 box was the one model I never owned, but the problems you describe are typical, from memory. Certainly I remember HDMI issues coming up. Sounds like there may also be a hardware failure on yours if it triggered a FTI without asking for it. No idea about modifying the software - certainly I've never heard of anyone having done so. Fortunately, much of the T825 shortcomings, compared to older models, were addressed in the most recent T835 software and on the Freeview HD models.

I have to admit I'm not a fan of the HDR5T01 remote, but you can use any remote from a previous model. The only slight issue is that the old remotes only have a back button, whereas the newer ones have back and exit.

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