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0059T810generalpublic13 Feb 07 12:0213 Feb 07 12:41
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Product Version5.3 
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Summary0059: Bottom of picture missing
DescriptionThe bottom of the full frame picture output by the PVR is missing, consisting of a black area )approx 5 pixel rows) where the remainder of the picture should be. The picture is actually output to roughly the correct position on the TV, considering overscan - it's just that there is no overscan at the bottom of the picture (in fact, the opposite of overscan).

Moving the picture around using the service menu of my TV, it is obvious to see there plenty of overscan at the top, left and right of the picture, but none at the bottom. Comparing the output of the Digihome box to that of a Nokia box confirms this is the case - on the Nokia there is plenty of picture overscan at the bottom too, unlike the Digihome.

Attached are two photos from the Nokia and the Digihome. Firstly, the vertical position on screen from both the boxes is near identical. Notice the extra red/white from the graphic at the bottom of the screen from the Nokia output. And on the Digihome output, a black bar is output instead. I should emphasize that the vertical picture position is NOT lower on the Digihome, which would cause the bottom of the picture to disappear into the TV's overscan - the problem really is that the Digihome does not output the full picture, outputting a black area towards the bottom of the picture, which I have tried to clarify in the overscan image also attached.

If this a hardware limitation/flaw, then maybe it can be worked around by shifting the image up in the output frame, and shifting the output frame, thus keeping the visible picture in the same position, but adding necessary overscan at the bottom of the picture (at the expense of losing some overscan from the top). I would say losing 10 pixel rows from the top and adding this to the bottom instead would be adequate which still leaves plenty of overscan at the top of the picture.
Additional InformationObviously, depending on individual TV overscan settings, some people may never notice this problem, but equally a lot of people have spotted this flaw - it is very annoying having a black bar at the bottom of the screen, when in reality there is part of the picture missing that should be there.
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Attached Filesjpg file icon DigihomeBottomMissing.JPG (208,843 bytes) 13 Feb 07 12:02
jpg file icon Nokia9850T.JPG (205,857 bytes) 13 Feb 07 12:03
png file icon OverscanDiagram.png (2,287 bytes) 13 Feb 07 12:40

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13 Feb 07 12:02 Futaura New Issue
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