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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0344    [T7650]
minornew30-Nov-12BBC iPlayer slow index loading blocks user
   03543   [T7650]
featureacknowledged30-Nov-12No on-screen help
  0353    [T7650]
minornew30-Nov-12When deleting one of two active timers, both timers are deleted
  0351    [T7650]
majornew30-Nov-12Instant Record lockout if programme is already scheduled to record at another time
  0350    [T7650]
tweaknew30-Nov-12No Slow Motion on Playback
  0347    [T7650]
live tv
minornew30-Nov-12The Back B>B button does not always go back to the previous channel
  0346    [T7650]
live tv
minornew29-Nov-12Cannot access the HD Alternative if HD alternative is not a Favourite
  03261   [T7650]
majornew29-Nov-12Limited playback options for radio programmes
  03423   [T835]
low power
majornew31-Oct-12Not going into low power mode
  0341    [T7650]
live tv
tweaknew14-Oct-12Channel selection difficult when recording on 2 different muxes
  0338 1 [T7650]
minornew13-Oct-12Channel name and programme columns out of sync
  0337    [T7650]
front panel
tweaknew13-Oct-12Lack of progress display when booting from low power
  0336    [T7650]
minornew13-Oct-12Active recordings lost if box is rebooted unexpectedly
  0330    [T7650]
majornew13-Oct-12HDMI handshaking causes playback to reset to start
  03311   [T7650]
majornew13-Oct-12Repeat programmes recorded after originals deleted
  0327    [T7650]
front panel
minornew10-Jun-12Clock sometimes freezes whilst recording
  0322 2 [T7650]
minornew14-May-12Aspect ratio of video image thumbnails incorrect
  03131   [T7650]
low power
majornew14-May-12Unit wakes up from low power standby after 60 minutes
  031912 [T7650]
tweaknew13-May-12Rendering/layout issues on EPG screen
  0317    [T7650]
low power
majornew18-Apr-12All remote buttons and third party remotes turn box on from LP standby
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